Post-Parting Part II

I stole away
Before slumber could take its hold.
I would have stayed
Comfortable in my memory
Of how we used to be:
Side by side
Under crumpled cotton sheets,
But for the snorts and
Ramblings of a voice in deep sleep.

I would have remained
Here, but for the threat
To both our beings:
Our skin
Disoriented and confused
By our sudden proximity,
Our lungs
Shallow for fear of inhaling
Each other’s breath,
Our hearts
Taken into a rabbit’s pace
While forced to seem aloof,
Unaffected by the reality of our actions.

I would have,
But for care I have for our bodies
Unaware of our minds’ intentions.
This physical memory
Holds too strong.
It’s automatic:
This impulse to sweat
And dance
And breathe,
No matter the steadfast
Decisions we made
When logic had its hold on us.

I would have stayed, but
for knowing
I would never leave.

© Shea Depmore
Steal money.. not words.


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