The World is Going to End…

…and all the Mayan aliens are going to know I was a terrible blogger. 

Here’s my last-ditch effort to blog before the world ends:

I was aimless this morning, so I flipped a coin and allowed it to tell me to go to Venice. Good thing too, because I would have missed the Venice Beach Freak Show. They decided to give us a free sneak peek out on the boardwalk. It was pretty great.

I saw way too many metal objects being poked, swallowed and forced through body parts. More importantly, I saw a man without arms and a man without legs ride a bicycle together. The sideshow host said this was an event that would be talked about for the next hundred years. There were only about 50 people watching, so I’m doing my part to make sure his prophecy has a fighting chance of being true. Here you go guys. I present to you, history (a very bad photo of history, but still):

Freak Show

It should be noted that there were training wheels on the bike. 

Freak Show Excitement

This guy doesn’t know what to do with all the excitement. 

Dynamic Duo

See! Training wheels. Cheats.

The rest of my day didn’t have the same level of shock value. This is what it looked like:



Milo Working

Milo is always down to help out on the computer.

Love is Blind. Look Closer.


No Regrets

Milito Under the Sea



Tis the end of the world. I’m blogging. Photoblogging at that.


2 thoughts on “The World is Going to End…

  1. lol, thanks for fixing the comment button. I had a bunch of witty things to say (about this post in particular) but it was an “in the moment” type thing and now I feel foolish that I don’t remember them. ha!

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