And then this became.. A real blog.

If you’ve ever taken a look at this blog before, you probably made the assumption that I can’t write in complete sentences (or prefer not to). You may very well be correct; give me any excuse to use fragments and I shall. Life changes every now and again, though, and I was offered the best motivation to use this thing for its intended purpose (blogging about life crises the world could care less about): near complete immobility.

Check it:

Friday seemed normal. I made a complaint at one point in the day about how I feel like a grandma for having a sore back (no biggie). CUT TO: 9pm that night – I’m on the floor underneath my door frame, calling my dad (Dr.Dan), because I cannot walk. The muscles in my lower back and buttocks have completely seized up and I have actually become a 23-year-old grams.

Saturday brought more excitement: I wasn’t able to stand up until my dad arrived from Orange County with muscle relaxers, liquid Ibuprofen shots, and Vicodin; I passed out after being escorted to the restroom; and I managed to skip out on 3 work calls and a meeting while I remained glued to my bed. Improvements came Sunday, though! I made it to the living room, with some assistance from my madre, to watch Meryl reunite with Oscar. I also took a few steps by myself and …drumroll, please… I took a shower! The shower was probably the best thing that happened to me all weekend.

I’m getting better and really appreciating everything in my life at the moment. That’s what these events are for, right?  God is forgoing a tap on the shoulder in favor of a NFL-worthy-tackle to say, “You should probably be grateful for all of this.”

NOTE TAKENMy first show with RAW opens tomorrow night. That’s exciting. I am working on an AWESOME documentary with some incredible friends at The Howard Fine Acting Studio. That’s pretty neat. I no longer work in the food service industry. AMAZING! I have amazing roommies, neighbors, and parents. Best. Nurses. Ever.

Yup. 🙂 Ok, thank you.

PS:  The best part about all of this was that I started to read The Metamorphosis on Friday night. For some reason I had escaped my adolescence without having to touch it and I thought now must be the perfect time to read it. I don’t know what my problem is.



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